Beyond Barrel Roll: 10 fun Google tricks (By: Terron R. Moore)

‘Do A Barrel Roll’ And The 10 Greatest Google Tricks Ever

If you’re a normal warm-blooded mammal, chances are that you use Google at least once a day. Whether you’re stalking your favorite celeb, figuring out how to get rid of that rash, looking for love advice, or searching for dirty videos (you’re so naughty and we like that), the Googs is the gateway to the entire interweb—but did you know that it’s also a funny trickster? If you know how, Google can be the most fun site on the entire internet! Here are ten cool Google-related tricks you can use to have fun without porn!

1. Tilt!
If you’re using Google on either Chrome or Safari, go ahead and Google the word “tilt”, and the entire screen tilts a bit to the right!

2. Do A Barrel Roll
It’s simple and works just like Tilt- go and Google the phrase “do a barrel roll” and watch what happens!

3. Ninja!
In your Google Reader feed, press the keys “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A” and watch a Ninja appear! The word “Ninja!” also appears in the searchbox.

4. Google Reader Languages
Of course there are the normal languages like “English” and “Spanish”, but there’s also “Pig Latin”, “Klingon”, “Pirate”, “Elmer Fudd”, and whatever “Bork, bork, bork” is. Try them out!

5. Let Me Google That For You
Don’t you absolutely hate when someone asks you “hey, what’s (so-obvious-thing)” when they could just Google it and immediately know what you’re talking about? LMGTFY is a site that allows you to be a total smartass. Just type in the search object for them, then hand them the tinyurl link. They’ll feel silly and you’ll feel awesome!

6. Google Doodles
This page here
is a history of all the sites’ Google Doodles- not just American versions, but those the site hosts all around the world.

7. Google Gravity
This is perhaps the coolest Google trick of all, so cool that I won’t even ruin the surprise for you. Go ahead and try it here, and don’t be afraid to search. You can even move things around!

8. Google Spam
In most Gmail folders, a one-line advertisement sits above every e-mail list. But if you go into your Spam folder, you’ll see an actual SPAM recipe.

9. YouTube Snake
Not exactly Google, but we had to throw it in: on any YouTube video, hold down the up key while the video loads followed by holding down the left key. You can play the Snake Game while your video plays!

10. Slay The Dragon
In Google Docs, open any spreadsheet and if you press Shift+F12, a message will pop up announcing “Dragon slain! Congratulations, you’ve slain the dragon!”

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