What’s new for business and social media in 2012? (by Digital Fire)

2011 was a substantially important year in the evolution of social media. What started out as a simple way to socialise online has manifested itself in whole new way to communicate on all levels, especially in that of advertising and marketing? Here is what Digital Fire sees for the future of social media and what to pay attention to when upgrading your social media marketing strategy.

1. Convergence and Simplification

Sounds like an oxymoron but it seems to be what is to come in the world of interaction on social networks. Many sites have converged so that you may access them using Facebook or Twitter. This is great in a way because it ultimately means less passwords to remember and easy access across multiple websites and even easier avenues to share information. Users of social networks can now multitask from sharing to socialising, uploading and downloading to consuming and selling by plugging into one of their avatars and acting out across the board.

So while convergence was the name of the game in 2011, 2012 may see users looking for something a little less overwhelming in terms of being bombarded with information options. Instead, more niche and function selective attributes will become desirable in social networks. Focusing attention from users, an attention that is already deemed to increase substantially in how many weekly hours users spend online will become important. A fractured attention spans in less likely to bring in more consumers and hold their interest so simplifying the process is predicted to combat this issue.

2. Security is going up its game

Due to all the convergence of various websites through the common denomination of the social media network, hackers are focussing more than ever of phishing a scamming as it is easier to access vast amount information with minimal passwords to get in the way. The threat has extended to smart phones now too, a major vessel for ecommerce. According to security firm, Trusteer, they estimate that “mobile users accessing phishing websites are three times more likely to submit their login info than desktop users,” due to mobile users being unaware of the risk. Now more than ever, gaining trust and consistency from your clientele is going to be a predominant factor in how your business holds up in the world of ecommerce.

3. Ecommerce goes full force

That being said with regards to security and privacy issues, it is thought that 2012 will be the year for a serious comeback in ecommerce. Companies looking to expand their audience and ultimately increase their revenue should pay heed to these technological advancements as a means to online sales success. More and more businesses are setting up online shops for Facebook users to access their products and services from the social network itself. Monitoring shares from users that indicate preferences and purchases gives powerful insight into the market. An increase in participation from your online clientele will be the result of savvy social media strategies that take your brand further.

Source: bizcommunity.com

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