Standing in front of that woolly mammoth exhibit, you might crave more information than what’s printed on the display card at the stuffed beast’s foot. If you happen to be at the Royal BC Museum, in Victoria, Canada, though, you need only look down at your smartphone.

The BC Museum is working with indoor-positioning-firm Wifarer to not only map its floor plans but also provide a location-aware guide to its exhibits. Like Google(s goog) and Microsoft(s msft), Wifarer uses Wi-Fi fingerprinting technology to create its maps and triangulate a phone’s location indoors. But the Vancouver-based startup is only using maps and indoor navigation as a starting point.

Once a base map is produced, a building owner can start adding “objects” to the map, corresponding to objects in physical space. Those objects can then be populated with information, which can be accessed directly from the map or pushed to a…

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